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Gate Installation

We rolled up our sleeves for this gate installation project in Everett that turned heads and had a bit of fun along the way. First up, the West Gate: Picture this – a colossal double door gate, stretching a whopping 190 inches wide and standing a proud 6 feet tall. It's got a metal frame that's as tough as nails, clad in vertically aligned cedar boards that scream "rustic charm." And because we're all about making life easier, we added casters to these double gates. Now, this gate doesn't just open; it glides like it's on ice skates. On the east side, we installed a more petite gate – think of it as the West Gate's charming little sibling. At 33 inches high and spanning 82 inches between the house and the neighbor's fence, it features the same sturdy metal frame and vertical cedar boards. It may be smaller, but it's just as mighty and stylish. Whether you're rolling in with style on the west or keeping things cozy on the east, we've got your gate game covered!