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Safeco Insurance Garage Renovation

So, you think your garage needs a little sprucing up? Well, let me tell you about this recent Seattle garage renovation insurance project in a nutshell - or maybe a tool chest. Ceiling Crisis: We swapped out 490 SF of tired old drywall for brand-new 5/8" taped and textured orange peel ceilings. Because plain ceilings are so last century. Surface TLC: Primed and painted 465 SF of drywall/plaster ceilings, making them smoother than a fresh jar of peanut butter. Electrifying Enhancements: Removed and reset nine recessed fixtures, then added nine new can lights to make sure no corner was left in the dark. Plumbing Shenanigans: Capped a water line, tore out and replaced 35 LF of copper tubing, and added a shutoff valve with an access panel. Because who doesn’t need a good plumbing project? Supplemental Shenanigans:

- Removed and reset an 18' x 7' metal garage door and overhead track.

- Primed and painted 535 SF of drywall/plaster walls, prepping and masking 90 LF for painting like true pros.

- Replaced 495 SF of heavy-traffic carpet with vinyl flooring in a sleek coin pattern—black, of course.

- Tore out 230 SF of R-38 insulation and replaced it with 465 SF of new batt insulation.

- Upgraded a garage door opener to a more powerful model because more power is always better.

And there you have it—our customer's garage went from drab to fab in record time, and within his insurance company's approved budget. Ready to give your space the ultimate makeover? Let’s get started!